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Off-Site engineered homes by Crestline Custom Builders - How We Engineer
Every Crestline home is built in a controlled environment away from Mother Nature's elements which means that, in most cases, Crestline homes can be built faster than most built on-site.  Crestline Homes' products are sold through a network of approved dealers and builders who are happy to provide many options that enhance the investment potential fo your Crestline home.

Our homes are engineered to make the most of and the best use of space.  From the pitch of the roof to the placement of a stairway, we are mindful of your family's space needs for today and tomorrow.

Innnovative engineering is the hallmark of a Crestline home, from initial design to the last construction detail.  We engineer our homes using computer-assisted design (CAD) technology and build them to maximize quality, energy efficiency and long-term durability.  All modules are laser-leveled in the plant.  The builder is required to construct a perfectly level and square foundation, which is carefully checked before the house is set in place.  Our homes are built to withstand winds of 120mph, with options for 130+.  This ensures perfect structural integrity during transport to your home site.
Energy Efficiency

Precision-built and utilizing materials with high energy ratings wherever possible, a Crestline home is impressively energy efficient, saving you money on utility bills.  We also use low-E coated windows and offer energy-efficient appliances.

All Crestline homes come with a one-year limited warranty against defects in craftmanship or materials.  We also offer 2-10 year structural warranties.  To learn more about our extended warranty, please contact us.